• Everprint International Inc. USA (

    Our continued good work with the client has earned us a great reputation in transforming our business partnership from a contractor to a Business partner.

  • 3Sec. Belgium (

    3Sec , is a Belgium company focused on business search engine similar to yellow pages. We have changed their entire business platform from open source to Microsoft technologies successfully which increased their sales revenue. This is an integrated application for both their ERP portal and public websites.

Other testimonials

  • Darek (Datamining project using API)

    “I will highly recommend CS Team to anyone who appreciates intelligent and self-reliant contractors. Aside from being highly competent, responsive and efficient, he is a nice person and real pleasure to work with. I especially appreciate that he is able to work with very little guidance. The job involved working with a polish only website. He was not put off by it, in fact he managed to learn everything about the project from it. Thank you CS Team, we will work again.”

  • Enensa Amen (

    “CS Tea, was great - efficient and on time. I'd hire him again and recommend him.”

  • Prakash (Customer Affiliation Software)

    “Good Work. Highly recommended. Will hire you again.”

  • Avi Amar

    “Greate job moved to another project”

  • Lauren Parker

    “Great Job. They really went over the requirements with us until they understood all the details and did a great job. They wrote very clear good code and did a great job. We would definitely use them again for future projects.”
    “Very good job. We were very happy with their work skills and communication.”

    Most of our clients are repeated customers who have trust in us.